Japan Quality to customers at low prices

Our company was founded as an maintenance factory in 1966 and it's in the 53rd anniversary this year. In Kyoto, which is recognized as the most difficult to do business in the world, our company has attached great importance to customer experience from the beginning and is determined to satisfy every customer. Therefore, our company has a very good reputation, and many customers come here for that. We also have the support of many customers for a long time.

As we all know, Japanese used cars are very popular all over the world, but customers often have this kind of trouble, that is, many used cars are sent directly to the auction venue without carrying out maintenance. This also leads to various problems due to poor maintenance at the place of purchase. In order to break this situation, our company has set up a used car export department.

Our company would like to make use of 53 years of experience in the repair factory to provide the world with high-quality Japanese used cars with repair and maintenance.In the future, with the concept of "establishing the connection between people and people", we will provide more customers all over the world with great satisfaction through our goods and services.

Our company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "pursuing customer satisfaction" for 53 years. On this basis, the used car export department will also operate in the spirit of "transferring Japanese quality with low price to customers". Please also take good care of our company.

Nakajima Corporation inc.
Takashi Nakajima