Nakajima corporation was founded 1966 in Kyoto.
In Kyoto we have provide cars to meet customers request as Car dealershop (named carbit's) Car purchase specialist shop (named upohs) having our own maintenance factory.

Car dealer CARBIT'S

In the 53 years of business, we have prepared a car that will delight customers based on our extensive experience in car sales.
From the sales of new and used cars to the follow-up of after-sales, the overwhelming support gives customers.

Car purchase specialist shop Upohs

Through hour studying the market huge it data of the used car auction is every day we can make the purchase of high quality cars.

Own maintenance factory

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, designated factory with a nationally qualified mechanic.
Before to the delivery of used cars, professional mechanic will carry out inspection and maintenance accoding to lot of checkpoints of Japanese legal inspection content our own maintenance factory in Kyoto.

Reques & question about the Export of Used cars
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